Ativ Media is a part of Lakehouse Studios.

Ativ Media is a small production company with a high level of competence. It consists of me, Jonatan Nilsson, and Inga Nilsson. After several years of experience as a video journalist for a number of news desks, I can handle all the steps involved in producing a video with confidence. My commitment to filming and a great sense of curiosity spurred me on to teach myself how to create motion graphics. With this background, I can offer filming, editing, interviewing, and motion graphics. I often provide all these steps myself, which makes for a very cost effective production. I have previously worked with news features, documentaries, promotion videos, commercials, weddings, and graphic profiling.

Past clients:

Filmriding & Company AB
Destination Jönköping
Dinavien Longboards
Smålands musik och teater 
TV4 Sverige AB