Showreel 2014
”The process of filmmaking involves the mastery of story, direction, visualization and stylizethis text.)

What a great way to describe the art of filmmaking. When these things fall into place during the creative process of filmmaking, you instinctively know it, it becomes fun to shoot the video, and that excitement shows in the final product. This is what I aim for, regardless of whether I’m working for a client or on a personal project. I want that gut feeling and I want to enjoy the process.

The most effective way to tell a story is through a movie. This is a medium that everyone who actively market themselves on the Internet ought to use. A movie gives you the opportunity to tell your own story in just a few minutes, and if the movie is well produced, it is more likely than not that the viewer chooses to stay and watch all of it.

What’s your idea for a movie? We’d love to hear it.

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