Enjoying life with a longboard and an old camera

Enjoying life with a longboard
How important is actually the equipment when you make a movie? The equipment can really make miracles with a story, but it is necessary to have a story to tell. Even with very small means like a really old handycam, you can make a movie that is worth seeing. In this video, I borrowed my friend’s ten year old Sony DCR-TRV80E, took my Manfrotto tripod and my Dinavien longboard and just went out in my hometown of Jönköping to film for all day long. It was a special challenge doing everything by  myself, it was a lot of running back and forth to see how the clip went out and then doing it again. But I had a lot of fun while doing it. I was so excited to get home to start the editing process. To make it worth watching I did some text graphics and I picked a really good song (in my opinion).

I struggled a long time with the text graphics and the imagemask. I did the job in the Apple software  Motion 4. Because of the fact that the old camera that I used filmed in interlaced mode I had problem with the different field order. That made the mask live its own life. First when I changed the settings to none, the mask started to behave  like I wanted to.

Because of the nice weather I got some really good colors and I could even push them up even more with the three way color corrector in Final cut pro 7.

Sony DCR-TRV80e

Final cut pro 7
Motion 4

Phoenix – 1901

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