Promotion video Dinavien longboards

Promotion video Dinavien longboards
The video on top is the finished product of a project that has been laying around for over a year. My friend had a dream to start his own longboard label for a very long time. Last year he pursued that dream. I promised him to make a video for the board just for the fun of it. The finished video is available further down. This was a first for me in many aspects. It was the first time I filmed with a DSLR. It was the first time for me to direct a large group of people, who didn’t have any filmmaking experience either.

Before filming I had a list of shots that I wanted to get. Besides that I had no clear idea of what to film, but I pretty much just filmed a lot in many different angles to be certain that some shots would turn out well.

I used a Nikon D7000 and a GoPro Hero2 to film with and I used my homemade dolly system for some nice dolly shots. The editing is made in Final Cut, Motion 4 and I even used Apples grading tool Color.


Dinavien Longboards official movie for Shovit

Johan Gustavsson kör lite longboard dancing i Jönköping
These are some shots that I just threw together since I was so eager to see a quick result of the first material I filmed.

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