Showreel 2012

Showreel 2012

2012 was a year when I developed a lot as a photographer. In the beginning of the year I bought a Canon 5D mark II. That made a huge difference to how I film today. Of course I did the mistake to shoot a lot with wide open aperture, but after many shots that was almost in focus I started to film with more generous depth of field.

The reason why I could buy some equipment was a big job I got during the spring of 2012. I filmed for a documentary and filmed a girl during her last semester in high school. You can read about that assignment here.

I also did a lot of personal projects based on normal situations. I always have tons of ideas of what movies I want to make. Often it’s just the time and the level of my creativity that decide which of all of my ideas that becomes more than just an idea.

The year of 2012 I have worked for some new clients. Here is a list of those I have worked for this year.

Filmriding Company AB
Destination Jönköping
Husqvarna FF FFA
Students at HLK in Jönköping

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