To come home

To come home
I am always looking for stories that can turn into a mini documentary. Sometimes the story is closer than you think. This is a film about Inga and her feelings for the place where she grew up. Last summer we spent a month up here and I made several films of the beautiful scenery. You can see one of them here. This summer I wanted to make a mini documentary and this is the story I found.

It’s originally shot for Philip Bloom’s weekend challenge: DISCIPLINE. But when I was done with the challenge version I decided to make a more edited version that improved the film. The unedited version is further down and you can also read about the challenge and my process of making the film.

To come home springer

Jonatan Nilsson journalist and filmmaker making To come home.

Because the challenge was to make a movie that is edited in camera I first made the interview, edited that and put some music to it. Then I made a clip list based on the times on the timeline. After preparing all the gear, I tried to follow the clip list as well as possible. It turned out that I made all clips to long so I overshot it a lot. But when I just skipped the last shots it turned out quite good anyway.

To come home cut list

My learnings
The first shots turned out better than the later ones because I tested the shot before I pushed the recbutton. Further down the process I began to cut corners and I rushed it a bit. I’m so used to just doing another take, so when the kids grew impatient I went into my normal shooting style, were I test while recording. But it gave me a lesson that testing the shot first is a really good thing. I also liked to work with a well planned idea. Normally I film what ever happens and think about how to build the story while editing. I hope I can plan my future films more like this. It’s a lot more effective. When you’re watching the movie you’ll probably notice that there is no environment sound. That’s because it was too noisy. I didn’t use headphones, usually I always do that but not this time, and of course this time was the time when it sounded like crap. A good lesson to learn. I picked a specific picture style for this film so I didn’t need to grade in post and I think that it worked out ok.

To come home – unedited

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